We decided to create a space to support HH Karmapa during this extremely difficult and very eventful time in the Kagyu Lineage; and to support each other emotionally. We welcome your comments and ask you to be careful, kind and as positive as you can. This is a very distressing time for all of us but His Holiness and devotees will get through and HH Karmapa’s activity will flourish. Have no fear of that. Let us keep it in our hearts.

Who are ‘we’?

Naomi will edit the blog and contribute weekly editorials. She is an experienced war veteran and may even make you laugh from time to time. There will be guest bloggers who don’t yet know it, but will join the team from London and even Hamburg. Yeshe Wangmo will be on the spot to write a diary from Gyuto and cover events as they develop. She has tremendous emotional fortitude both in and out of the trenches and is also a skilled correspondent.
Jack and Martin are both fabulous technicians who know how to do everything Naomi and the writing team don’t know how to do. Without them we wouldn’t exist.

with love from all of us,

Naomi, Martin, Jack, Yeshe on behalf of Karmapa Supporters.

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