February 5, Gyuto Monastery

It has only been a few brief days since a thousand plus supporters joined together in a 20 km march from McLeod Ganj down to Gyuto Monastery to meet His Holiness Karmapa at a public audience, but today that feeling of boisterous solidarity was replaced by one of uneasy longing. The public audience was packed as usual, and warm waves of love and peace radiated from His Holiness, reminding us that everything is alright in the dharmakaya, yet there remained with many of us an uncomfortable feeling that down here in samsara things are still terribly awry.

Particularly among the foreigners, there is a real feeling of impotent despair. What can we do to help, to vanish these unbelievable obstacles? We are mere guests in a foreign country. How can we possibly address the grievous accusations and character assassinations leveled against the Karmapa without making matters worse?

These days, the media vans and satellite dishes that were parked in front of Gyuto monastery are gone, but the malicious onslaught of articles that surfaced in the past 10 days have left many of us reeling. We couldn’t believe the lies and insinuations churned out daily–sensationalist fabrications that were actually passing as journalism. Who was behind it? How could the journalists write such garbage and get away with it? How could they sleep at night?

I was at Gyuto everyday, so I had a close-up view of the media circus in action. I kept waiting for an intelligent journalist to appear on the scene who was actually investigating the source of the rumors, rather than just parroting the lies like a mind-controlled drone.

Why can’t anyone write a serious investigative piece that digs deeply into the lies and obfuscations, in order to determine who is really behind these wild accusations against the Karmapa and what they have to gain by it?

Today, after the public audience with the Karmapa at Gyuto had ended, devotees circumambulated the monastery basking in the golden warmth of His Holiness’s grace. He gives so much, all the time, to each and every one of us. If only there were something we could do to really help. Though we try to encourage each other, it will be a while before this uneasy feeling lifts, and our despair is eased into hope again. In the meantime we can only pray that the odious cloak of lies thrown over Gyuto by the media will be quickly pacified and eradicated, evaporating into the rays of compassionate wisdom spontaneously emanating from the upper floor of Gyuto monastery, where His Holiness, the Buddha Karmapa resides, sending out endless blessings to those beings fortunate enough to discern them.

Yeshe Wangmo